Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Fresno Wiffleball League's 2007 season begins on Sunday. What do you need to start a wiffleseason? Ya need balls my friend:

"The Package"

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Would Ferrel make a Wiffleball movie?

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Will Ferrel thinks Wiffleball could be a good sport to use for his next movie. John Heder doesn't think so. Screw you Heder.

Check out the article with the in-jest mention of Wiffleball. Or read it below:

AP: Will, with movies about soccer (“Kicking & Screaming”), car racing (“Talladega Nights”) and your upcoming movie about ’70s ABA basketball, what sport would you like to tackle next? Wiffleball could be promising.
Ferrell: (Laughing) Wiffleball would be good.
Heder: I don’t think so. There’s not enough juice. I’m sorry.

Fresno to Chico?

The Golden State Wifflers (GSW), with the dominate pitching of The Brothers DeRoche and former Fast Plastic NorCal organizer Mike Cross, have moved operations to Phoenix and nothing has changed...they're kicking the shit out of Phoenix just like they did San Jose. Only now, they don't have Chico to get in their way.

Chico is now the host of the NorCal Regional. Will the FWL take the long and boring drive up to Chico? Hell, I don't know.

Monday, April 02, 2007

2007 season buzz starts now

Have you found yourself asking "What the hell is going on with the FWL this year?" No? Well, neither has anybody else...until now.

Questions to think about for the upcoming season:

When does it start?
Will the mound move again?
Is there going to be a Fast Plastic trip this year?
Will Van Halen ever reunite?
Can Lance repeat?
Where the fuck is Patrick?

There. Consider the FWL buzzed.